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Team Baguio (Tekken) Bio-Hazard
The History of our Team name Bio Hazard:

We are called Bio-Hazard because here in Baguio City there was an outbreak disease called the "Menninggococcemia" or whatever..
i think it was last year or last last year. The word BIO was a shortcut of Baguio and the word HAZARD was the disease that occured here in baguio city last 2004 thats why our Tekken Team Name is BIO-HAZARD. After the incident we decided to name ourselves the
BIO-HAZARD originally known as (SMB) S.M Baguio.

Here are the official members of Team BIO-HAZARD:

Players                    Characters               RANK                  Alter Ego              Player Difficulty
1. Levy                         King                       Shihan                 Kikkko                   *******
2. Draneol                  Bruce Irvin                Expert                 Gaigan                 *******
3. Ric                         Hwoarang                6th Dan               Ayers Rixelle         *******
4. Denan                    Lee Chaolan              N/A                    Mazztah                *******
5. Meia                          Lili                         5th Dan                Meia Jr.                 ****
6. Kifth                        Jin Kazama            4th Dan                Ice Man                 *******
7. Arvin                       Feng Wei                1st Dan                Yza?                     *****
8. Jepoy                      Wang Jinrey           1st Dan                Jeps                     *****
9. John                        Hwoarang               !sr Kyu                 My Angel              ***
10. Jijo                         Baek Doo San       1st Kyu                ?????                   ***
11. Vincent                  Armor King                N/A                    ?????                   ******
12. Vincent                  Heihachi Mishima      N/A                    ?????                  *****
13.Neil                         Sergei Dragunov    1st Dan                ?????                   ***
14. Vernon                   ??????????              N/A                    ?????                   *********
15. Perci                       Devil Jin                    N/a                     Bangs                 ********
16. Jason                      Anna Williams        Shihan                 Shewpretty          *******
17. Jesson                    Kazuya Mishima     3rd Dan              ???????
18. Alex                         Jin Kazama             2nd Dan             ??????                 *****

The lost members of Team Baguio BIO-HAZARD
19.Reomeo          Sergei Dragunov     unknown             unknown              unknwon
20.Pixie                 Ling Xiaoyu             unknown              Zephyr                 unknown

Note: The low star ranks are still under training and is considered as a BIO-HAZARD

by: Ric


Team Baguio (Tekken) Bio-Hazar... [1]
Ayers_Rixelle 2007/02/20 945

Levy a.k.a. Kikkkongkalye
Draneol 2007/03/05 113

my name is <LEVY>
levy 2007/02/18 293

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