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DMXer of Philippines Quantun l DDR l Tekken of Team Baguio l Ric.Draneol l Dream Toys l S

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DMXer volunteer activuty
History of DMXer’s In this city called “Baguio” where the weather is unpredictable and well known for its cold climate… where a group of addicts called DMXer’s are located. This group is not a fraternity or gangsters just addicts who enjoys playing arcades, simulation games and making friends. DMXers was officially was formed last 2006 even though there were already a group of members started playing in the early 90’s. The hangout of DMXers before was Center Mall, Wonder Park then Shoe Mart, Quantum became the house of DMXers. DMXers is just a part of the Quantum Family called “Seikaku” which means “Character” in Japanese. The other group is called Bio-hazard… this group are the one’s who plays Tekken while DMXers are the group who plays dance simulation games such as DDR (Dance Dance Revolution), DMX (Dance Maniax), & PPP (Para Para Paradise). DMXers was founded by J.D. He is the first “GM” Game Master to be voted in handling the group and representing it. The Current “GM” of DMXers now is Levy. DMXers currently have one hundred members plus. Not all are active. It’s not only a group of Filipinos. A group that you can have whatever age you have right now. A group you can share your laughs and as well as your problems. In other words, DMXers is also a family. DMXers not only plays for fun and enjoyment but it also our passion. We love to dance, to sweat and to entertain. DMXer volunteer activity.

Wrote by
Ayers Rixelle
Clifford Santos
Draneol B . Mamaril
Emmanuel V . Acuna JR
John Darwin Pascual
Levy M . Delfin
Philip John Kim
Sidney James Cross
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Subject: History of DMXer’s

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Date: 2008-07-20 10:28
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